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browser-frameAsana Task Numbers

Generate Asana task numbers

Reduce team confusion when referring to tasks within Asana.
This tool automatically generates a task number for each newly created card on Asana. (eg FR-12)
Asana does not generate these kind of running numbers for cards by default.
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browser-frameAsana GitHub Sync

Sync GitHub with Asana cards

Visually identify which cards are being worked on, waiting for PR review or ready for testing on a staging server.
Sync across GitHub commits and pull requests to Asana feature cards.
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browser-frameMarketing Site Boilerplate

Startup marketing site + blog boilerplate

Get started quickly with all the commonly required features of a startup marketing site
  • Home page (like this one!)
  • Easily create more pages with React components for jumbotrons, product features, and pricing
  • Blog - write articles in Markdown, stored within the same Git repo
  • Built with Next.js for server-side rendering out of the box. Bootstrap 4.
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browser-frameSaaS App Boilerplate

SAAS app boilerplate

Get started quickly with all the commonly required features of a SAAS app (API only)
  • User sign up / sign in / reset password (JWT auth)
  • Creating an organization, sending invites
  • Stripe integration - add credit card, subscribe to a plan, payment history, updating user account based on Stripe hooks
  • Segment integration (analytics)
  • SendGrid integration (emails)
  • Node.js, Sequelize and GraphQL
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